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Good for your health and the environment too

Good for your health and the environment too

11th September 2018

Here at Lifeplan, we aim to be environmentally-friendly as well as health-friendly. As part of our efforts to look after the planet we call home, we operate a zero to landfill policy, and also use green electricity. 
Less rubbish, more recycling
Making the Lifeplan products you love creates a little waste. But we do our best to ensure that as much of this as possible is reused, recycled and repurposed. 
Instead of throwing materials away, they are given new uses. For example;
  • Any cardboard waste from packaging is sent to paper mills where it can be recycled
  • Unwanted glass goes to be re-melted, so it can have a new lease of life.
  • Plastic is made into new packaging, reducing plastic pollution and protecting our oceans.
  • Food waste heads to compost, where nature can work its magic.
Any waste which can’t be recycled is disposed of in alternative ways, like incineration, or turned into an energy source. 
This means that none of our waste goes to landfill – not a single bit.
The future’s green
We understand how important it is to keep the Earth healthy the way our products keep you healthy. That’s why we use green electricity.
This means we pay a premium on the electricity we use at our factory and offices, which is invested in building new sources of renewable green energy across Britain – like wind and wave power. 
By doing our bit to change the way energy is made and used, we are helping to make energy more sustainable, and looking after the planet for future generations.