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Top Tips

Top Tips

19th October 2019

Julie Lamble is our in-house Nutrition and Technical Manager and her knowledge on the subject is second to none. Julie joined Lifeplan straight from University after achieving BSc Hons in Nutritional Biochemistry.  She has helped 1000's of customer over the past 17 years on health concerns and wellbeing and has collated a few top tips over her time. Over the coming months we will be divulging in to all her nutritional secrets and top tips and sharing them with you.  

Here is some of Julie's top tips 

Turmeric is the current hot product and has many uses, it is a powerful anti inflammatory and can help stave off arthritis, reduce cholesterol, reduce depression and help with dementia, when taken along side Vitamin C, a power full antioxidant that will also keep the immune system working well and Vitamin D which will keep bones, teeth and hair strong and looking great. A magic combination to keep you fit active and looking great.

5HTP, will keep you sleep well allowing you to wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the days challenges, a combination of B6, B12 and folic acid will keep your homocysteine levels in check and aid memory and perhaps Guarana, a natural source of caffeine to help keep you perked up and firing on all cylinders.

Omega 3 fish oils are well documented has having great benefits on the heart and reducing cholesterol, Beta Sitosterol is also an amazing cholesterol busting product. Hawthorn berries are also great for helping with Angina and will help keep everything in rhythm

Evening primrose oil and Vitamin B6 will help maintain balanced hormone levels, Evening Primrose oil will also keep your skin healthy and looking radiant. Vitamin D and K taken daily all year round will keep your bones, teeth and nails healthy and strong.

Omega 3 fish oils are magic at keeping you feeling great and come with a hold load of added health benefits. St Johns Wort taken when you feel the need will help prevent any anxiety attack, remember to look out for and only use a product with the THR logo. New research just published shows Ginkgo taken over 4 weeks reduces feeling of anxiety in over 50% of patients in the study.

B vitamins are by far the best way of keeping your energy levels high right through the day and making sure all you metabolic pathways are working efficiently. Vitamin C will also help and don't forget chromium which will balance your blood sugar and stop those sugar lows.