Great weekend at NOPE. Met lots of interesting people and it was good to put faces to names.

Thanks to everyone who came to chat with us.

Hope you enjoyed seeing what we have to offer and what plans we have for the future.

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NOPE at Excel

Good time at NOPE this last weekend.

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Do you suffer with excessive wind?

Lifeplan’s steam activated charcoal is sourced from coconuts and registered with The Vegan Society. Activated charcoal can help to reduce build-up of excessive gas and flatulence after eating. WindAway is great for wind but it also helps cleanse intestines of unfriendly bacteria and yeast to help de-bloat and aid detoxing.

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Give your immunity a boost

These capsules provide 16+ freeze-dried manuka honey which has been enhanced with Vitamin C and Zinc. These nutrients help to maintain a healthy immune system and good skin. Delicious Manuka Honey with Vitamin C, why not give your immune system a boost?  

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