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We have a very well qualified nutrition department - one of the best in the UK. Whether you need to know more technical information about one of our products, or how suitable a product may be for you, or you have a personal nutrition enquiry, you can always contact our nutritionists.

Jamie Christie
BSc hons. Nutritional Biochemistry
Technical Director

Jamie developed an interest in nutrition through sport. Jamie has been competing internationally for the British canoeing team since 1994. His interest developed though his involvement in canoeing, so much so that in 1997 he decided to return to university as a mature student to a study Nutritional Biochemistry. He then joined Lifeplan as Quality Assurance Manager and has progressed to Technical Director

Julie Lamble
BSc hons. Nutritional Biochemistry

Julie joined Lifeplan from University after studying Nutritional Biochemistry and has developed in her role as Nutrition and Technical Manager and is now responsible for all aspects of nutritional science at Lifeplan. Her knowledge of the subject is second to none.

Linda Booth MACH RT

Linda is recognised as one of the UK’s leading digestive health practitioners and colonic hydrotherapists, running a busy digestive health clinic in a GP Surgery, alongside training other therapists in advanced colonic hydrotherapy techniques and naturopathic digestive health.

With over 20 years experience as a complementary therapist, Linda is an expert in the naturopathic treatment of digestive health disorders, and she has successfully treated a wide range of conditions - from common digestive disorders such as IBS, constipation, bloating and abdominal pain, to seemingly unrelated health problems which have their root cause in the gut. Linda believes that everyone struggling with uncomfortable symptoms can be treated using a complementary approach, including supplementation with high quality probiotics, and other targeted nutritional products, to support the digestive system.

In addition, Linda is a strong advocate of preventative health care, and recommends that all her patients strengthen their digestive and immune systems by daily supplementation with the Lifeplan Digestives range. Linda personally recommends Lifeplan supplements because of their optimum formulations, UK manufacture, and rigorous testing to ensure a high quality product. As a result of her experiences recommending Lifeplan Digestives to her patients – and choosing them for her own family! – Linda was delighted to be asked to be Lifeplan’s Brand Ambassador.